About Us

An international effort to create an equitable South Africa

Since our founding, South Africa Partners has worked towards creating a more equitable society by creating partnerships between institutions and individuals in South Africa and the United States across academic, business, non-profit and government sectors. These partnerships have enabled an invaluable transfer of human and financial resources towards our healthcare and education programs, which has resulted in long-lasting impact.

We have been building a stronger, healthier South Africa for two decades

In that time, we have implemented early childhood education, healthcare, and leadership development programs that are realizing extraordinary results. The success we have seen over the last 20 years has been a great start, but there's always more work to be done.

Our Vision

We envision a South Africa where every citizen can access the benefits of a just democracy.

Our Mission

South Africa Partners unlocks the collaborative potential between South Africa and the United States for equitable access to healthcare and education.

  • Mary Tiseo

    “Translating beautifully written policy documents into programs that function in rural areas, in under-resourced communities, townships, areas where there has been conflict — that challenge is enormous and requires a great deal of skill on the part of managers who are responsible for that implementation. These are the people that we work with. These front line managers who are working in their communities to take the aspirations of the new South Africa and make them real.”

    Mary Tiseo, Co-Founder of South Africa Partners