Amukelani Linah Macheke

Prevention Programme Assistant
“Your legacy is every life you've touched.” Oprah Winfrey

Amukelani Macheke is a diligent and focused employee with the ability to develop strong connections within the community to maximize outreach and services. She is highly capable of interacting with people from all walks of life and effective at multi-tasking. She is passionate about community development, working with children and has a big heart for creating beneficial opportunities for children to enhance their lives.

She has worked in the public and private sector and including the entertainment industry.  She holds a certificate in Management, facilitation and moderation, and is currently studying through UNISA to complete her Community Development Degree.

Amukelani is a confident, multi-skilled, capable Programme Administrator and trainer (facilitator) with excellent knowledge of office administration and Project Administration procedures and Coordination with a background Administration. She has exceptional analytical and problem solving skills and the ability to effectively convey administrative information to all areas of the business whilst ensuring that all management information is accurate. She has a proven ability to drive out inefficiencies through process improvement and assisting in the maintenance and development of effective administration assistant and social crime prevention project coordination.