Our Work

Why South Africa?

South Africa is a vibrant country whose people are continuously working towards improving health and education outcomes. Organizations, institutions, individuals and the government all recognize the urgent need to improve access to education and healthcare for all of South Africa’s citizens, creating an environment ripe for collaboration and sustainable solutions. We are proud to work with our partners to make positive change, by bringing innovative and scalable solutions to reality.

Playing Our Part

South Africa Partners serves as a hub for spokes of advocacy and action, rolling all stakeholders toward a defined goal. For over 20 years, we have helped partners summon sufficient momentum to propel a solution up and over the tipping point to sweeping change. The solutions we cultivate, pilot, scale and sustain are supported by research and are suitable for low-resourced settings in South Africa.          

Our Approach

Our approach


Our Capabilities

  • Fostering Partnerships
    bring partners together across a broad range of expertise 
  • Research
    identify gaps · develop knowledge base · test model
  • Technical Assistance
    transfer knowledge · build skills · mentor and coach · review and quality assurance · improvement strategy and experiential learning · monitoring and evaluation
  • Capacity Building
    application of skills and knowledge · systems change and adaptation
  • Systems Strengthening
    adapt models and policies in multiple settings at systems level (national, provincial, district, facility) · increase reach
  • Evaluation
    program indicators · system indicators · population indicators


Strengthening care and support systems for South Africans affected by HIV/AIDS

We foster unique and effective public health collaborations that improve the quality of life for people living with and affected by HIV, tuberculosis and non-communicable chronic diseases.

Care and Support

Supporting South Africa’s youngest children to reach their full educational potential

We work with universities, private corporations, and the nonprofit sector to develop and support programs that expand educational opportunities across the socioeconomic spectrum in early childhood development.

Supporting South Africa's Youngest Children
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