Our Donors

Thank you to our donors for envisioning a brighter future for South Africa with us.
Our work is made possible because of your support.

The following acknowledges the individuals and organizations that made a gift in support of South Africa Partners between January 1 – December 31, 2017.
We apologize if a name has been listed incorrectly or omitted.  Please alert us to any errors by contacting Kirsten O'Brien at 617-443-1072 or kobrien@sapartners.org





$25,000 - $49,999        

Ms. Ilana Hurwitz and Mr. Richard Starfield

$10,000 - $24,999

Dr. Andrew Ainslie and Ms. Teri Rueb

Mr. Stephen K. Moody and Ms. Helen Kraus

Zients Family Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Ms. Janet Axelrod and Mr. Tim Plenk

Dr. Judy Bigby

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation                         

Ms. Kathy Greeley

Mr. Jonathan Joffe and Ms. Lisa Fishbayn Joffe

Dr. Matthew H. Liang and Ms. Diane Garthwaite

Ms. Lynn Meltzer and Dr. Peter Meltzer

The New York Community Trust

Mr. Jacques Perold and Ms. Amy D. Boesky

Ms. Amelie Ratliff

Ms. Ellen Sullivan and Mr. Paul Drake

Sweeney Family Foundation     

$2,500 - $4,999

Dr. Linda Hill and Dr. Roger E. Breitbart

Ms. M. Brinton Lykes

Dr. and Ms. Phakamile Madikiza

Dr. Michael Page and Susan Kleinschmidt-Page

Ms. Karen Shmukler and Dr. Brian Bilchik

Sappi Fine Paper

Ms. Mary Tiseo and Mr. George Pillsbury

Ms. Pennell Whitney

Wheelock College

$500 - $999


Aid for Africa

Mr. Alan Altschuler

Ms. Penelope Andrews

Mr. Maure Aronson and Ms. Cheri Opperman

Ms. Nana C. Ashhurst                                               

Mr. and Ms. Earl Avery                                             

Mr. and Ms. James Babson                

Mr. and Ms. Dennis Bearden                                                 

Ms. Linda Berkel                                                       

Ms. Margaret A. Burnham and Mr. Max Stern                                                         

Mr. Leonard A. Caldwell                                                       

Mr. and Ms. Robert Cashion                         

Casner & Edwards, LLP                   

Mr. Wiley Davi and Ms. Michele L'Heureux                                                

Ms. Susan Dickler and Sig Van Raan                                               

Dr. Alan Drabkin and Dr. Rose Goldman                                         

Mr. Michael Durney and Ms. Gracelaw Simmons                

Ms. Tess H. Ewing and Ms. Louise B. Rice              

Ms. Mitalene Fletcher and Mr. Clark Warner                                               

Mr. Elmer R. Freeman and Ms. Carlene Chisom-Freeman                                       

Ms. Sharon Gelman   

Mr. Michel Gill and Ms. Jayne Atkinson-Gill           

Mr. Russ Green and Mrs. Isobel Green                                               

Mr. Collier Hands                                                      

Dr. Julian Harris                  

Mr. and Ms. Dick Harter       

Harvard University                

Ms. Anne H. Hess and Mr. Craig Kaplan                  

Mr. and Ms. Hal Hess            

Mr. and Ms. Bradley Honoroff         

Mr. and Ms. William Hsiao   

Ms. Margaret Jacobson-Sive  

Ms. Jackie Jenkins-Scott and Mr. Jim Scott             

Mr. and Ms. Jim Kloppenberg                       

Mr. and Ms. Charles Knight              

Dr. Howard K. Koh and Dr. Claudia A. Arrigg

Mr. and Ms. Charles Korr      

Ms. Jeanette Kruger and Ms. Betty Morningstar                   

Ms. Patricia Lambert and Ms. Kathy Mulvey

Ms. Joellen Lambiotte and Mr. Phil Karber

Ms. Nancy C. Lincoln and Ms. Louise Ford 

Ms. Lorraine Lyman  

Mr. and Mrs. John H. MacMillan      

Mr. and Ms. Temba Maqubela

Dr. Jean McGuire and Dr. Barbara Herbert

Mr. and Ms. Peter Merrill      

Ms. Catherine M. Mooney     

Dr. Carel Mulder and Nonzwakazi Bangani 

Mr. Nkateko Nyoka   

Mr. Charles Pillsbury and Ms. Allie Perry

Ms. Kathy Pillsbury and Ms. Cindy Marshall

Ms. Suzanne Priebatsch                     

Ms. Marita Rivero

Ms. Abby Rockefeller and Mr. Lee Halprin

Ms. Emily Schatzow 

Mr. Bradley Silver and Mr. Michael J. Franco          

Ms. Judith E. Smith and Mr. Lawrence Blum                       

Mr. Jeffrey Starfield and Ms. Shelley Stahl              

Ms. Laurie S. Swett               

Mr. and Ms. Doug Weinstock           

Ms. Judy Weiss

Ms. Gail Willett and Dr. Walter Willett        

Dr. Marcellette Williams        

Zevin Asset Management      

Mr. Jeffrey Zinsmeyer                                   

$250 - $499                  

David M. Allen, MD, MPH                           

Mr. and Ms. Joel Bard                       

Ms. Caitlin Baron and Mr. Jonathan Donner            

Mr. Kenan Bigby  

Ms. Esther Bullitt and Mr. Lee Makowski                

Mr. Adam Calder                   

Mr. Blaze Cass                 

Mr. Dick Clapp and Ms. Paula Georges                    

The Crosswols Foundation    

Mr. and Ms. David Dolbashian

Dr. Felton Earls and Dr. Maya Carlson Earls

Ms. Elizabeth Edwards and Mr. Bailey Bishop                    

Ms. Anne W. Ellsworth                     

Ms. Jean M. Entine    

Ms. Luise M. Erdmann                      

Ms. Phyllis Ewen and Mr. James Campen    

Mark J. Goldblatt, MD          

Mrs. Joanne Guzzi and Mr. Paul Guzzi                       

Mr. and Ms. Peter Haines      

Ms. Ann E. Haslett    

Dr. Paula A. Johnson and Dr. Robert A. Sands        

Mr. Karl Klare

Ms. Vicki Lafarge and Mr. Christopher LaFarge      

Mr. Richard Lapchick and Ms. Ann Pasnak  

Mr. and Ms. Trevor Larkan

Ms. Judy Levenson and Mr. Mark Coven                 

Senator Jason Lewis              

Ms. Charlotte Mao and Mr. Michael Brown 

Mr. and Ms. Frank Michelman                      

Ms. Sally Pillsbury                 

Ms. Sarah Pillsbury                

Ms. Paula Rayman and Mr. Richard Herman

Dr. John A. Rich and Dr. Theodore Corbin

Mr. and Ms. Ron G. Rohde

Mr. and Ms. Frank Roosevelt

Ms. Betsy Rudnick and Mr. Bruce Posner    

Ms. Estelle Sayles      

Ms. Helaine A. Simmonds     

Ms. Jenny Warburg    

Mr. and Ms. Stanley Weinronk          

Michael Wulfsohn                 

Mr. and Ms. Errol Yudelman

Mr. Alan Zaslavsky and Ms. Noel Jette           

0 - $249

Mr. and Ms. Steve Adleberg             

Alchemy Foundation             

Ms. Pam Allara                      




Mr. Paul Attewell and Ms. Katherine Newman                    

Ms. Elsa R. Auerbach            

Mr. and Ms. Brook Baker                  

Mr. Aaron Bandremer

Ms. Sarah Bayer        

Ms. Linda Benton      

Mr. Samuel L. Black              

Ms. Tyler R. Brace                

Ms. Heidi Brooks and Javit Drake                

Jeanette Callahan, MD          

Ms. Margaret Campbell         

Mr. and Ms. Malcolm Carley            

Ms. Jacquelyn Cefola and Mr. Penn Loh      

Mr. and Ms. Stephen Clingman         

Mr. and Ms. Nino G. Compagnone

Mr. Ryan Cooper  

Dr. Moira Cunningham and Mr. Lewis Pepper

Ms. Nancy E. Cunningham and Ms. Allison Accurso           

Ms. Donna Dardompre          

Ms. Brenna DeCotis  

Ms. Patrica Duarte     

Ms. Darcy Dye          

Mr. and Ms. Peter Enrich       

Ms. Adrienne Epstein, RN

Ms. Nancy Falk and Mr. Richard Cluster      

Ms. Janine E. Fay      

Mr. Michael Felsen and Ms. Tolle Graham   

Ms. Judith Fleishman and Mr. Thomas Parker          

Mr. and Ms. Jonathan J. Galli

Mr. Gary M. Gardner and Ms. Helen Q. Kivnick     

Mr. Reebee Garofalo and Ms. Debbie Pacini            

Mr. Stuart Gibson                  

Ms. Cleonis Golding  

Ms. Tessa Goldsmith             

Ms. Joan Hadly                      

Mr. Charles Helm 

Mr. and Ms. Basil W. Henderson, Jr.

Dr. Judith Herman                 

Judge Geraldine Hines           

Ms. Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi           

Ms. Patricia Hnatiuk  

Mr. and Ms. Thomas Hodgson                      

Mr. Yoron Israel               

Ms. Monica Joffe and Dr. Norman Joffe      

Dr. Willard R. Johnson and Dr. Vivian R. Johnson              

Mr. John Kane                  

Mr. and Ms. Daniel P. Karnovsky     

Mr. John Kordalewski

Mr. and Ms. Larry Kugler     

Mr. Louis Lambiotte and Ms. Susan McConnell      

Debbie Leclerc           

Jason Leclerc             

Kayla Leclerc 

Rebecca Leclerc         

Ms. Victoria Lewis                

Ms. Evelyn Lord                    

Ms. Debbie Lubarr                 

Mr. David Luria         

Mr. Theodore MacLean and Ms. Joanne Liautaud   

Ambassador Mninwa Mahlangu        

Ms. Margaret Maisel and Mr. Ira Horowitz  

Ms. June Makela and Mr. Mark Fishweicher

Ms. Daryl Mark and Mr. David Nelson         

Mr. Matthew Mcnamara   

Ms. Angela Menino   

Ms. Amy Merrill and Mr. Robert Johnson

Mr. and Ms. Nicholas Miller

Mr. Steve Miller and Ms. Sally Benbasset    

Mr. and Ms. Charlie Milner               

Ms. Lynn Modell                   

Ms. Linda Moulton    

Mr. and Dr. Oswald Mtshali  

Ms. Charlayne Murrell-Smith and Mr. Ken Smith    

Ms. Nyia Noel

Ms. Judy B. Norsigian           

Ms. Marlene Nusbaum

Mr. Keegan O'Brien         

Ms. Kirsten O'Brien                           

Mr. and Ms. Ulrich Otte                                

Mr. and Ms. Dudley Outcalt              

Mr. John Padula         

Mr. and Ms. Peter Pease                    

Mr. Lewis Pepper and Dr. Moira Cunningham         

Mr. Jeffrey Petrucelly and Ms. Patricia Cantor Petrucelly    

Ms. Myrtis Powell     

Ms. Helen Raizen and Ms. Kathy MacDonald          

Mr. Larry Rosenberg 

Mr. Mitchell Ryerson and Ms. Alice Turkel  

Mr. Alfred W. Sandrock, Jr.              

Ms. Jocelyn Sargent   

Mr. Edward Jay Schmidt  

Ms. Katherine Schulten and Mr. Mike Dulchin        

Mr. and Ms. Richard A. Schutz         

Ms. Melissa Scialfa    

Ms. Adrienne Shishko           

Mr. John Shrode   

Mr. and Ms. Bob Smith         

Mr. Matthais Smith and Ms. Amanda Pillsbury                    

Mr. and Ms. John Speyer                   

Mr. David Stern         

Mr. Peter Sturges and Ms. Sasha Lauderbach           

Ms. Lauren Takakjian            

Mr. Michael Tobias                      

Dr. Yasmin Von Schirnding                    

Mr. and Ms. Peter Weiss                    

Mrs. Joan Whalen   

Ms. Marti Wilson-Taylor       

Judge Mark L. Wolf              

Nioke Wright, MD