Our Newest Program: Wraparound ECD

Within a target community we are working to enrich children’s daily experiences from birth to age 5 and support their emotional and intellectual development.  A simple but innovative approach to Early Childhood Development, Wraparound ECD is South Africa Partners’ newest program that addresses an urgent national priority for South Africa.  Read more about this program here.


The Nelson Mandela Physical Education Complex

On June 23, 2015, we honored Nelson Mandela at Madison Park High School.  15 years ago, Nelson Mandela made a historic visit to Boston shortly after being released from prison.  To pay tribute to his incredible life, this ceremony unveiled the renaming of Building 4 to ‘the Nelson Mandela Physical Education Complex.’

Madison park

Mandela Day 2015

To mark the 2015 Mandela Day in July, South Africa Partners will bring students together in Boston and South Africa to reflect on the struggle for civil rights and social justice as seen through the life and work of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Read more here.


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