Integrated Access to Care and Treatment (I ACT)


Integrated Access to Care and Treatment (iACT) was founded in 2009 with the mission to empower people the more than 6.4 million people living with HIV, and others who are affected by HIV, to make positive lifestyle changes.


 iAct promotes the early recruitment, referral, and retention of newly diagnosed people living with HIV into care and support programs. The intention is to reduce the high loss to follow-up rate from the time of HIV diagnosis until successful commencement of antiretroviral treatment. Through a series of six meetings, iACT group participants increase knowledge, skills, and confidence to access support and become advocates for their health. Group topics include:

  • HIV/AIDS Basics
  • Nutrition and Self-Care
  • Accepting Status and Disclosure
  • Prevention with Positives
  • Treatment Literacy
  • Moving forward and Living Positively


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iACT is now operating in all nine provinces. It has been adopted as a national care and support strategy by the South African National Department of Health, with South Africa Partners serving as technical advisor.

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