Integrated Access to Care and Treatment (I ACT)

iactThe goal of I ACT is to keep HIV positive people in the health care system. This increases their chance of accessing anti-retroviral drugs as soon as they are ready, and reduces the number of people “lost to follow up” in the health care system.

I ACT evolved through a series of interventions developed in partnership with the Eastern Cape Department of Health and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). Services include facilitated group meetings that provide support and advice on self-care, acceptance and how to tell others about your status, and broader information about HIV and sexual health. I ACT uses a closed group model, with six clearly defined educational goals and an interactive approach to empower participants.

I ACT is now operating in all nine provinces. It has been adopted as a national care and support strategy, with South Africa Partners serving as technical advisor. In 2014, the I ACT curriculum was adapted by Wits Reproductive Health Institute to support adolescents, and an I ACT pediatric curriculum is in development by ZoeLife. The I ACT care and support strategy will soon be available for children, adolescents and adults, supporting PLHIV wherever they fall on that continuum.

I ACT Implementation Guide

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