South Africa Partners works to build capacity and strengthen the health and education infrastructure within South Africa.

Our roots are in the United States, but our network is global. South Africa Partners is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and has offices in Boston and three cities in South Africa — East London, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.

Our vision since our launch in 1997 is of a transformed South Africa. Having emerged from the U.S. anti-apartheid movement, South Africa Partners was established to channel that passion and commitment to social justice by bringing together the skills, talent and resources needed to help build the new South Africa.

South Africa Partners facilitates relationships between individuals and institutions in the U.S. and South Africa. These partnerships have developed programs that make life better in the hard corners of South Africa and are helping build the next generation of leaders in sciences, education, health care and beyond.

“There is no reason that South Africa has to reinvent the wheel.” U.S. anti-apartheid activists Janet Axelrod, Margaret Burnham, Mary Tiseo and Marti Wilson-Taylor founded South Africa Partners. “What are the best practices that we can offer from the United States that would be useful to South Africa so they don’t have to start from scratch?” asks Mary Tiseo, today the Executive Director of South Africa Partners.

Thank you for walking the walk with us. Please continue to do so. Together, we will realize our dream of a free and democratic South Africa that really benefits all of its citizens.”

—Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South African social rights activist

South Africa Partners Timeline

We build partnerships with purpose.