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LinkCARE: Linkage, Care and Retention

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Strengthening Prevention Services (STEPS)

The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS ReliefCDC no words

Albertina Sisulu Executive Leadership Programme in Health (ASELPH)

University of Pretoria

ASELPH is made possible by generous support from:

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

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Sifunda Ngokuthetha (We Learn by Talking Together)

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South Africa Partners sincerely thanks all of our donors for their generous contributions that make our work possible.  The following acknowledges the individuals, foundations, corporations and government entities that made gifts or grants in support of South Africa Partners’ programs during January 1 – December 31, 2016.

We also acknowledge the many individuals and institutions that generously support donor advised funds administered by South Africa Partners; these donors are separately listed by fund name.

We apologize if a name has been listed incorrectly or omitted.  Please alert us to any errors by contacting Rebecca Leclerc at 617-443-1072 or rleclerc@sapartners.org.

$1 million +



$250,000 - $1 million


Atlantic philanthropies

$50,000 - $99,999

$25,000 - $49,999

Ms. Ilana Hurwitz and Mr. Richard Starfield

$10,000 - $24,999

Dr. Andrew Ainslie and Ms. Teri Rueb
Dr. Michael Page
Dr. Phakamile Madikiza and Ms. Dorcas Madikiza
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Linda M. Kaplan, MD
Mr. and Ms. Hal Hess
Mr. and Ms. Stephen K. Moody
Mr. Jonathan Joffe and Ms. Lisa Fishbayn Joffe
Ms. Ellen Sullivan and Mr. Paul Drake
Professor Linda Hill and Dr. Roger E. Breitbart
University of Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts – Amherst
University of Massachusetts – Lowell

$5,000 - $9,999

Discovery Health
Dr. Matthew H. Liang and Ms. Diane Garthwaite
Eastern Bank
Joan E. Braderman
Lynn and Peter Meltzer
Mr. and Ms. Marty Meehan
Mr. Jacques Perold and Professor Amy D. Boesky
Ms. Donna Katzin and Mr. Alan Altschuler
Ms. Jeanette Kruger and Ms. Betty Morningstar
Ms. Kathy Greeley
Ms. Mary Tiseo and Mr. George Pillsbury
Ms. Tani Takagi
Zients Family Foundation

$1,000 - $4,999

Aid for Africa
Artists for a New South Africa
Bentley University
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc.
Boston Trust & Investment Management Co.
Doug and Judith Weinstock
Dr. JudyAnn Bigby
Dr. Marcellette Williams
Dr. Patricia A. Suzman
Dr. Saleem Badat and Ms. Shireen Badat
Gail and Walter Willett
Haymarket People’s Fund
Joanne and Paul Guzzi
Kemp and Tawnya Skokos
Louise and John MacMillan
Lucia and Bruce Field
M. Brinton Lykes
Mr. and Ms. David Abrams
Mr. and Ms. Dennis Bearden
Mr. and Ms. Mark Kornbluh
Mr. and Ms. Robert Cashion
Mr. Charles Korr and Ms. Anne Korr
Mr. Clifford Goldsmith and Ms. Amy Grossman
Mr. Derek Yach
Mr. Jeff Zinsmeyer and Ms. Shanti Fry
Mr. Jeffrey Starfield and Ms. Shelley Stahl
Mr. Joel Sklar and Ms. Adrienne Shishko
Mr. Roderick Spencer and Ms. Alfre Woodard
Ms. Abby Rockefeller and Mr. Lee Halprin
Ms. Amelie Ratliff
Ms. and Mr. Tushara Canekeratne
Ms. Anne H. Hess and Mr. Craig Kaplan
Ms. Betsy Rudnick and Mr. Bruce Posner
Ms. Catherine M. Mooney
Ms. Ellen R. Mayer and Mr. Malcolm Pittman
Ms. Janet Axelrod and Mr. Tim Plenk
Ms. Joellen Lambiotte and Mr. Phil Karber
Ms. Judith E. Smith and Mr. Lawrence Blum
Ms. Karen Shmukler and Dr. Brian Bilchik
Ms. Mitalene Fletcher and Mr. Clark Warner
Ms. Paula Rayman and Mr. Richard Herman
Ms. Suzanne Priebatsch
Peter and Mary Jane Suzman
Sappi Fine Paper North America
Susan and Peter Merrill
Temba and Vuyelwa Maqubela
The New World Foundation
The Susan A. & Donald P. Babson Charitable Fnd
University of Massachusetts
Walden Asset Management
Wendy Weiss

Up to $999

Abigail Rordorf
Alchemy Foundation
Allen and Gloria Larson
Andrea Masterman
Angela and Jeff Allen
Anna Louise Penner
Anthony and Denise Mayo
Barbara and Eric Elfman
Bunker Hill Community College
Carly Greenberg
Carrie Hollingsworth
Colette Phillips Communications, Inc.
Daniel and Linda Everett
Danit Ben Ari
David and Jennifer Dolbashian
David M. Allen, MD, MPH
Donna and Richard Schutz
Dr. Alan Drabkin and Dr. Rose Goldman
Dr. Alfred DeMaria and Ms. Susan Case
Dr. Felton Earls and Dr. Maya Carlson Earls
Dr. Glaudine Mtshali
Dr. Haldon P. Bryer and Ms. Arlene Bryer
Dr. Jean McGuire and Dr. Barbara Herbert
Dr. Meredith H. Harris
Dr. Willard R. Johnson and Dr. Vivian R. Johnson
Errol and Marlene Yudelman
Frank and Jinx Roosevelt
Frank Michelman
Gay and Dick Harter
Henry and Tish Allen
Herbert and Chris
Hubie and Kathy Jones
Jackie Cefola
Janeen Blake
Jason and Susan Lewis
Jill and Ron Rohde
Joanne and Bill Wiggins
Joel and Betsy Bard
John and Glenda Speyer
Judge Mark L. Wolf
Judith Bernstein
Kathy Pillsbury
Larry and Judy Kendall
Lloyd Lecureux
Margie Birnbaum
Mary Ann Braubach
McCormack Institute
Mohammed Karim
Monica Landrum
Mr. Adam Calder
Mr. Alan Blumner
Mr. Alfred W. Sandrock, Jr.
Mr. and Ms. Andrew Karberg
Mr. and Ms. Charlie Milner
Mr. and Ms. Chris Johnson
Mr. and Ms. Daniel Cohen
Mr. and Ms. Daniel P. Karnovsky
Mr. and Ms. Daniel Weeks
Mr. and Ms. Donald Pierson
Mr. and Ms. Douglas Tanner, Jr.
Mr. and Ms. Dudley Outcalt
Mr. and Ms. Eric Lane
Mr. and Ms. John Wilpers
Mr. and Ms. Jonathan White
Mr. and Ms. Keith McGrath
Mr. and Ms. Malcolm Carley
Mr. and Ms. Michael Falk
Mr. and Ms. Michael Schmid
Mr. and Ms. Michael Speyer
Mr. and Ms. Michael Walsh
Mr. and Ms. Oliver Ibe
Mr. and Ms. Paul A. Lovett, Jr.
Mr. and Ms. Paul Attewell
Mr. and Ms. Paul Chang
Mr. and Ms. Peter Sturges
Mr. and Ms. Richard White
Mr. Andy Birecki
Mr. Bongani Mayosi
Mr. Bonisile Ntlemeza
Mr. Bradley Silver and Mr. Michael J. Franco
Mr. Brandon Slaughter
Mr. Brian Weeks
Mr. Charles Pillsbury and Ms. Allie Perry
Mr. Collier Hands
Mr. Dan Kesselbrenner
Mr. Daniel Klein and Dr. Alice Rothchild
Mr. David Jacob
Mr. David Rosenmiller and Ms. Rae Korengold
Mr. David Stern
Mr. Derrick Evans
Mr. Douglas Simmons
Mr. Earl Avery and Ms. Maria P. Avery
Mr. Edward Dees
Mr. Elmer R. Freeman and Ms. Carlene Chisom-Freeman
Mr. Gary M. Gardner and Ms. Helen Q. Kivnick
Mr. Graham Jones
Mr. Haiyan G. Dai and Ms. Aijun M. Wang
Mr. Hugh Samson and Ms. Margaret Brown
Mr. Jack Wilson
Mr. James Figueiredo
Mr. Jeffrey Jones
Mr. Jeffrey Petrucelly and Ms. Patricia Cantor Petrucelly
Mr. Jose Lopez
Mr. Karl Klare
Mr. Kenneth Scott and Ms. Carla S. Bernardes
Mr. Kevin Cranston and Mr. John Ruiz
Mr. Leonard A. Caldwell
Mr. Lloyd Andersen
Mr. Michael Felsen and Ms. Tolle Graham
Mr. Neil Rohr and Ms. Patty Hnatiuk
Mr. Nelson Ronkin
Mr. Neville Frankel and Ms. Marlene Nusbaum
Mr. Padraig O’Malley
Mr. Peter Liberti
Mr. Roland M. Gibson
Mr. Roy Wiggins
Mr. Steve Miller and Ms. Sally Benbasset
Mr. Theodore MacLean
Mr. Victor Lesser
Mr. Wesley Hartmann
Mr. Winston Langley
Ms. Aliki Karagiannis
Ms. Allison Wigen
Ms. Amanda Pillsbury and Mr. Matthais Smith
Ms. Amelia Mallona
Ms. and Mr. Antonia Compagnone
Ms. and Mr. Eileen Kugler
Ms. Ann E. Haslett
Ms. Anne Short
Ms. Anne T. Henderson and Mr. Basil W. Henderson
Ms. Anne W. Ellsworth
Ms. Barbara Devine
Ms. Barbara Fain and Dr. Jason Gilbert
Ms. Beverley Earle and Mr. John Sloan
Ms. Brenna DeCotis
Ms. Caitlin Baron and Mr. Jonathan Donner
Ms. Charlayne Murrell-Smith and Mr. Ken Smith
Ms. Darcy Dye
Ms. Diana L. Maher
Ms. Donna Dardompre
Ms. Donna M. LaBonte
Ms. Ellen Semonoff
Ms. Ellie Crosby
Ms. Elsa R. Auerbach
Ms. Emily Schatzow
Ms. Erica White
Ms. Esther Bullitt and Mr. Lee Makowski
Ms. Frauke Behrendt
Ms. Helaine A. Simmonds
Ms. Helen Raizen and Ms. Kathy MacDonald
Ms. Jean Kilbourne
Ms. Jean M. Entine
Ms. Jenny Rangan and Ms. Ramani Rangan
Ms. Jenny Warburg
Ms. Jill Crockett
Ms. Judith Fleishman and Mr. Thomas Parker
Ms. Judy Weiss
Ms. June Makela and Mr. Mark Fishweicher
Ms. Kirsten O’Brien
Ms. Lenette Azzi-Lessing and Mr. Benedict F. Lessing
Ms. Letty Garcia-Pacheco and Mr. Jose Pacheco
Ms. Leyland Pitt
Ms. Linda Benton
Ms. Linda Berkel
Ms. Lorraine Delhorne
Ms. Lorraine Lyman
Ms. Lynn Modell
Ms. Margaret A. Burnham and Mr. Max Stern
Ms. Margaret Jacobson-Sive
Ms. Margaret Miner
Ms. Marion Wachtenheim
Ms. Marita Rivero
Ms. Marti Wilson-Taylor
Ms. Mary Coonan
Ms. Maxine Hart and Mr. Jim Smith
Ms. Michelle Hitsch
Ms. Nancy C. Lincoln and Ms. Louise Ford
Ms. Pam Allara
Ms. Peggy Stern and Mr. Alan Ruskin
Ms. Phyllis Ewen and Mr. James Campen
Ms. Rachel P. Knight
Ms. Rebecca Herst
Ms. Rebecca Sykes and Mr. Elwin Sykes
Ms. Rosemary E. Whitman
Ms. Sandra Polishuk
Ms. Sarah Bayer
Ms. Sarah Pillsbury
Ms. Sharon Gelman
Ms. Susan Klaw and Mr. Peter Del Tredici
Ms. Tess H. Ewing and Ms. Louise B. Rice
Ms. Tessa Goldsmith
Mzamo and Zengie Mangaliso
Noel Twagiramungu
Pat and Larry Plummer
Paula Price
Professor Teboho Moja and Mr. Steve Burrell
Pumelele Maqubela
Rajini Srikanth and Kannankote Srikanth
Representative Kay Khan
Robert and Susan Gamache
Roberta Jackson
Robin Weber
Shirley Ann Warner
Stephen and Moira Clingman
Suwimon Asawasiripong
The Blum Family Foundation
Tom and Barbara Lamont
Vicki and Christopher Lafarge
Wiley and Michele Davi

We build partnerships with purpose.