Sponsor a Project

You can make an impact in South Africa in a variety of ways. Here’s how your contribution can be put to work:

$1,000: Support training activities for a community on the IACT HIV/AIDS prevention, retention and empowerment program
Your support covers training activities in a low resourced community to empower people living with HIV and others affected by HIV to make positive lifestyle changes.

$5,000: Outdoor play/physical activity equipment and enhanced learning materials for 1 preschool in our network
Your support covers items such as developmentally appropriate books, toys, art supplies, play tables and chairs, and outdoor equipment, encouraging the development of fine motor skills and creativity.

$5,000: Formal teacher training for 8 practitioners in our Network to obtain childhood development certification
Your support allows dedicated practitioners to acquire the certification required by the Department of Social Development, investing in their professional development and empowering them as community members.

$10,000: Provide comprehensive support for a preschool for one year
Your support covers items such as teacher training, learning and play materials, mentorship, infrastructure improvements, management and financial training and mentorship, turning a minimally provisioned place of care into a true center of learning and development.

$20,000: Vision and hearing screening for 1 year in 8 preschools
Your support covers hardware, software licenses, consulting healthcare professionals, training and support activities, allowing practitioners to screen for health issues that would prevent over 500 children from reaching their full educational potential.

Have a philanthropic vision that you'd like us to bring to reality?

Contact Director of Development, Kirsten O’Brien to find out more about how you can have a personal impact on under-served South African communities. We love working with donors to create meaningful experiences for their philanthropy.